Recruitment Events

Info Sessions

Learn more about our organization, what we do, and how you can be involved.

8/28 Wheeler 208, 8-9pm
8/29 Dwinelle 105, 8-9pm

Slide Deck

Info Session Recording

Underrepresented Voices in Design

A safe and designated space for people that identify as an under-represented minority in any capacity to ask questions and get involved with the design community.

8/30 Genetics & Plant Bio 107, 8-9:30pm

Discussion Recording

Design Challenge

Submissions due Saturday, September 2nd by 11:59pm.

The Submission form

A global ecological collapse caused by climate change is coming. You are tasked with the mission to protect one thing from it–what or who is it, and how will you do so? This can be something or someone personally important to you, have broader impacts for the survival of society, or for some other reason entirely.


Group Challenge

Scheduled 1 hour time slot.

Test your teamwork skills in a new group of people who share a common goal.
More information over email.


Scheduled 30-minute time slot.

Share with us your motivations, your passions, and your essence.
More information over email.

Fall 2023 Logistics

How does recruitment work?

Our recruitment process does not include a typical club application. What is important to us is understanding how you creatively think about and approach solving problems. We accept people from all majors, and we do not require resumes. We care more about you as a person holistically than what is on a piece of paper. Our design challenges are reflective of the impactful projects our members work on each semester.

How will Invention Corps operate this semester?

Our club will mainly be operating in-person. The default method for all of our workshops, projects, and socials will be in-person. However, we value the safety and comfort of our members, so we will also make accommodations for anyone who prefers to operate remotely.