Partner Overview

We work on semester-long, pro-bono projects, and a perfect project for us would be an idea that you have wanted to implement but have not had sufficient time or resources to allocate. In the past, we've partnered with 30+ professors, startups, and nonprofits both locally and internationally. Our members' skillsets are diverse and include: CAD, UI/UX, Hardware prototyping, legal design, Web development, App development, Customer Research, and Architecture. We will work with you on assembling the dream team for your project.


As a diverse organization of all skill sets and backgrounds, we are fueled by our own passions and converge upon those passions to create a holistic organization by continuously iterating with the goal of empowering ourselves and others. We strive to create a community of unique individuals, united by our core values and beliefs centered around positive impact. It is important to us to foster a collaborative, open-minded, and empathetic culture.

Attendance at a half-day virtual kickoff to introduce project scope.

Weekly check-ins to support and give direction to the team’s project lead.

A point of contact/mentor to give members guidance and feedback.

Presence at a virtual showcase, where members will present deliverables.

Project Parameters

We work on semester-long, pro-bono projects in health, poverty, society, and environment. A perfect collaboration would be an idea that you have wanted to implement but have not had sufficient time or resources to allocate.
The design thinking process guides the direction we take in all of our work. We utilize these frameworks in order to create a human-centered, user-validated product and/or deliverable.


User interviews,
user research,


Problem definition,
persona creation,
pain points


Diverge & Converge
for multiple


UI/UX design, 3D
printing, laser cutting,
wireframing, coding


User testing,
gathering usability,

Member Skillsets

Our members bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets to each project. We believe that a multidisciplinary team has the ability to create the most well-rounded and thought-out product. Additionally, we continuously invest in our members by teaching them both technical and management skills during our weekly workshops.
The statistics below represent our members at-a-glance, giving insight to some of the perspectives and skills they will be able to contribute to your project.




skills skills

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