Our Mission

Inventing ways to make a better world.

Our mission as a multidisciplinary organization focuses on human-centered design. We partner with professors, companies, non-profits, and any entity for social good on campus and beyond. Our goal is to develop specific projects utilizing design thinking to improve or introduce solutions on poverty, health, environment, and society.

Core Values

As a diverse organization of all skill sets and backgrounds, we are fueled by our own passions and converge upon those passions to create a holistic organization by continuously iterating with the goal of empowering ourselves and others. We strive to create a community of unique individuals, united by our core values and beliefs centered around positive impact. It is important to us to foster a collaborative, open-minded, and empathetic culture.

We promote the value of diverse thought:

  • We are an organization in which everyone has a voice.
  • We embrace differences.
  • We value diversity of perspective.

We try, we modify, we try again:

  • We are pioneers.
  • We are as confident in our mistakes as we are in our accomplishments.
  • We never stop the innovative process.

We design with intention:

  • We practice human-centered design.
  • We prioritize positive social impact with tangible outcomes.
  • We produce researched, high quality, and intentional designs.

We are all leaders who empower ourselves and others:

  • We see every moment as a chance for leadership.
  • We know leaders must practice confidence yet humility.
  • We are proud of our work and team.

Founding Story

From our founding class in 2017 to our current ICB family, we have grown immensely as a community. This organization was created by the University Innovation Fellows as part of the effort to increase undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship throughout UC Berkeley.

Since our beginnings, we have always championed multidisciplinary designers, thinkers, and leaders who seek to tackle the “wicked problems” of society through human-centered design. Unlike other design consulting organizations, we offer pro-bono partnerships and high quality deliverables as part of our dedication toward positive social impact. The initial concept of collaborative design-thinking, ideating, and inventing remains a crucial and ever-evolving process of our club.

Hence, we have no formal recruitment process (resumes, portfolios, etc.) and instead gauge creative and collaborative skills through design challenges. Likewise, our club is completely operated by undergraduates, and each member has equal responsibility and agency in sustaining and improving our community.

Team Gallery

A brief glimpse into our club culture, the creation of shared memories, and the community we’ve built.