reimagining the customer experience


Sept 2020 - Jan 2021


Society, Sustainability


Wireframing (Figma), Data Analysis


Philz Coffee


Carlos Oriol Lopez-Tenorio

Project Lead

Alina Ashraff

User Research

Iris Hou

UI/UX Design

Jeffrey Shen

Brand Design

Sarah Jang

UX Design


Andi Trindle Mersch

Director of Coffee and Sustainability, Philz Coffee

Austin Lilly

Supply Chain Analytics Manager, Philz Coffee


Human interaction is vital to Philz's culture of warmth and care at each of their stores. In a time of limited physical interaction, our objective was to preserve the values that make Philz Coffee unique by finding new avenues to enhance the customer experience..

Our partner

In 1978, Phil Jaber opened the first Philz Coffee in San Francisco's vibrant Mission District. Since then, the company has grown to sixty stores around the country. Throughout its evolution, Philz has been dedicated to quality coffee, sustainable business practices, and care for their customers. Their mission ‘to better the days of everyone who walks in' remains at the forefront of every decision Philz makes as a company. environmental planning.

The problem

The new lifestyle mandated by the ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to physically close their doors to customers. For Philz, this meant losing one of their most distinctive qualities: the in-store experience. Our team was tasked with capturing the essence of Philz’s characteristic warmth and care, and delivering that same feeling to customers in new and innovative ways.

Who is our user?

Philz customers

who either regularly frequent the store or who could become a regular customer

Our users need...

A new way of interacting with the brand while continuing to feel the sense of care that Philz is known for.
A modern take on sustainability through the company's brand, merchandise, and initiatives.
An efficient system that unifies the various initiatives and services that the company plans on implementing.


Our solution consists of three main deliverables. Firstly, a detailed case study containing several well-studied, proposed initiatives specifically designed for the company’s needs. Secondly, a functioning wireframe prototype of our proposed rewards system initiative. Lastly, a modern, redesigned brand guide that emphazises the company’s dedication to sustainability.


Customer Engagement

How might we continue to foster the community that Philz has built by showing the care given to each customer virtually?

Built a rewards system for customers in a digitalized platform. By incorporating a tiered-points based system, this will incentivize sales and illustrate loyalty to the customer base.

Begin a Philz Day campaign to increase sales on less popular days as well as celebrate the brand in a more creative and engaging way.

Designed more merchandise so that customers can be showing their Philz Pride and support at home safely.

Developed a series of campaigns focused around the interactions with baristas and customers.This was done to recreate the in-store experience through engagement on their social media as well as through video content.


Brand Evolution

How might we refresh the current branding of Philz to promote a more sustainable and cohesive style?

Updated the existing branding to better represent the values and objectives of the Philz brand.

Building upon Philz’s pre-existing brand and appeal of being a locally-based, artisanal, and neighborhood friendly coffee chain.

Established greater brand cohesion through providing recommendations on font and color palettes to provide clean and harmonious designs.

Conducted user research to make concrete recommendations of future merchandizing.



How might we integrate our multiple intiatives to boost sales and harbour community in an effecient and seamless way?

During our ideation process, we came up with multiple realms in how we can solve these issues posed by COVID-19. We found that our ideas fell into four specific categories: merchandise, rewards, promotions, and campaigns.

When we proceeded into the design stages, we each took up an initiative, conducted supplementary research, and went through constant feedback sessions to ensure collaborative efforts in our prototyping.

We created strategy pitches for our barista campaigns, rewards system, and promotional offerings that will be included in a case study. We also developed a brand guide to outline innovations in design and conceptualization.

Finally, we produced a wireframe centered around the already establised app and include aspects such as carousel swiping, color scheme, and premade images for it to be seamlessly added by their app development team.